Family meal times

Family meal times

At We Feed You, we’re very passionate about good food and connecting over meals. But you know what? In today’s cray-cray world of work and busy family life, sometimes making dinner AGAIN feels like more of a chore than anything. In fact, sometimes the whole dinner debacle can spark a full on meltdown at our houses, and leave us feeling guilty, grumpy, unappreciated and kind of dejected… (surely that’s not just us?).

We’ve spoken to a lot of other parents who feel the same. And here’s our current take on family mealtimes:

Life these days is full on, and sometimes by the time it’s dinner time, you really don’t have anything much more to give – and that’s actually okay. It really is!

Sitting around the dinner table and sharing stories of your day is lovely when it happens, but realistically, we don’t know any families who manage it EVERY NIGHT. We do know plenty who regularly eat dinner on the couch with a bowl in their lap and the TV on (and they’re pretty functional, happy families).

Sometimes, in between work and social commitments, drop offs and pickups, you feel more like an Uber driver than chef / domestic god or goddess. And on these nights, you shouldn’t feel guilty if you’re not also whipping up a balanced home cooked meal.

Maybe it’s actually a good thing, for kids to learn to cook or prepare some basic meals, for those nights when the adults are exhausted and there’s no magical cooking fairy to step in. Baked beans on toast anyone? Scrambled eggs? Cereal?..

Over the next few weeks, we plan to share a bit more of the home truths, and maybe even a bit of super simple dinner inspo for those cray-cray nights. Another good idea of course – hit the link in our bio and peruse our range of delicious meals, and get yo’self a freezer full!


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