Weight Loss Meals

Weight Loss Meals

- our less than 1600kJ (382 Cal) range 

As most of you know we don’t believe in diets, diet food or weight loss meals. All our meals are designed for everyday healthy eating being mostly naturally low in fat, salt and sugar. Our focus is on real ingredients you would find in a foodie kitchen. This includes fresh ingredients for colour and texture together with herbs and spices for flavour, plus pantry staples to bring extra nutrition, colour, intensity or flair. Again - real food made for everyday healthy eating.  

However, after a social weekend or well deserved holiday where eating too much is all part of the holiday joy, we understand sometimes you just need something to fill you up without adding too many kilojoules to your day. This is why we have our Less than 1600 kJ (382 calories) range of meals including some of the meals below. 

Please don't stick to this range of meals for dieting or weight loss purposes as you will miss out on so many important nutrients we have across our full range of meals. For example our Roasted Spiced Cauliflower with Chickpeas and Tahini Dressing is only 397 calories due to the inclusion of tahini - and is not included in this range. Yes tahini is high fat BUT is such a wonderful ingredient to include in your weekly diet. The fat in tahini is mostly mono- and poly-unsaturated fats which are beneficial to overall health and can help lower the bad cholesterol. Tahini is also a good source of magnesium which is beneficial for bone health, it contains phytosterols which are known for their cancer-blocking and cholesterol-lowering ability. We could go on and on about tahini but you get the gist! Including a range of meals is the best way to get a wide range of nutrients into your diet, rather than sticking to the less than 1600 kJ (382 calories) range.

So ditch the diets, diet food and meals for weight loss and focus on everyday healthy eating and regular exercise. There is so much to love about real food and there is also an important place in your diet for treat foods too. Think chocolate, red wine, a slice of cake - it's ultimately about finding balance. 


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