Vitamin K

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Vitamin K is another of our fat-soluble vitamins and it plays an important role in helping our blood to clot, it stops that little cut on your finger from bleeding forever or a small knock turning into a nasty bruise.
For the last 20 years in Australia most babies are given a vitamin K injection at birth, as babies typically have low vitamin K stores this minimizes the risk of a life threatening condition of excessive bleeding.
Interestingly, the friendly bacteria in our gut produces most of our vitamin K (another good reason to keep your gut microbe happy!), we do get some from our diet.
Green vegetables are generally the best source of vitamin K, the absorption of vitamin K is significantly increased when we have some fat in the same meal. Try adding some olive oil to your greens to ensure your body is able to make the most of this interesting vitamin!
Vitamin K deficiency is relatively uncommon in healthy adults because vitamin K is relatively widespread in the food supply and the vitamin is recycled in our body.

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