Ditching dieting doesn't mean giving up hope!

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You’ve probably cottoned on by now to the idea that we don’t really like diets at We Feed You. Let’s think about it: Would you go out and buy a new blender or a phone, if it came with the disclaimer that it actually doesn’t work 95% of the time? Nup. We didn’t think so… But hang about - before you throw your salad in the bin and open a packet of double coated Tim Tams – we have a newsflash for you:

Ditching dieting doesn’t mean ‘giving up’ on being healthy. And it also doesn’t mean eating ALL the food, ALL the time with no regard for dietary balance. You see, despite what the diet industry has conditioned us to think - it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Lots of people can identify that their dieting history hasn’t done them any favours, but find it hard to ditch the dieting behaviours. The most common reason for anxiety around quitting diets:  ‘If I throw away the rule book and stop counting, measuring and restricting, I won’t be able to control myself and will just never stop eating’.  

It’s a completely valid fear and we hear you. But guess what? 

Lack of control around food and strong urges to eat are not a sign of failure or poor willpower – they are actually just your body’s way of trying to stockpile calories, to protect it against famine.  

In an odd twist of fate, relaxing your tight control on the reigns will actually help you eat better, and be less obsessed with food. Over time, with the right support and practice, you CAN learn to relax. You won’t always need to eat ALL the food, ALL the time, once your body and brain learn that food is abundant – there is no famine.

Need help? Do some homework, and find yourself an Accredited Practising Dietitian who works within a HAES (Health At Every Size) framework.

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