Garlic infused oil

Garlic infused oil

As anyone of the low FODMAP diet very quickly learns, garlic is high in fructans which can cause disruption for some digestive systems. Together with onion, these are two of the main offenders for many people yet they are two ingredients most commonly found in almost “EVERYTHING”.  Some popular low FODMAP replacement foods for garlic include garlic chives, asafoetida powder and garlic oil.

Yes, garlic oil - exciting stuff! The fructans in garlic are not oil soluble (the will not leach out) (1), so garlic infused oil is a great way to enjoy the flavour of garlic without the offending fructans and suitable for all stages of the low FODMAP diet (even during the elimination stage).

There are plenty of garlic infused oils available in the supermarket or you can search online and make your own. Be mindful to finish your homemade garlic oil within 3 days due to the risk of botulism growth (2) or freeze in portion sizes for future use - ice cubes work really well.  

To cook with garlic you can fry garlic cloves in oil to get the flavour then remove it to ensure you remove the FODMAPs. Don’t try this in water-based stocks, soups or stews as garlic is water soluble and the fructans will leach into the meal even if you have taken the cloves out. (3)

Check out our new meals using garlic infused oil: 

Fish in a Basil, Green Olive & Tomato Sauce Served with Roast Potatoes 

Blue Grenadier is the star of this meal cooked in a basil, garlic infused oil, tomato and green olive sauce. The meal is served with roasted chat potatoes, cherry tomatoes and carrots plus spinach and parsley. It's a great way to get some fish in your weekly diet plus a wonderful mix of vegetables for colour, flavour and nutrition. This meal ticks all the boxes.

This meal is also suitable for anyone following a gluten free, low FODMAP, pescatarian or lactose free diet. 



Always, keep in mind everyone is different and seeking advice from a gut health specialist dietitian is the best way to identify your triggers and help guide you through all stages of the low FODMAP diet. 




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